Start Date : Sun,30-Aug-2020

End Date : Wed,30-Dec-2020

Quranic Arabic Language 101

This is a four-month course. The goal of this course is to be able to enjoy understanding the Quran without a translation. This course will alternate with one class on the vocabulary of surah Thul kahf with explanation, and the next class with the grammar of the language in Surah thul Kahf. This is a very powerful method to learn Arabic. The class will be $20 per month with a $5 registration. This class will be twice a week. Those who can not afford all they have to do is email me at You have to know how to read the Quran prior to taking this class. Click on the picture to fill out the form. Thank You! or click here We are looking for a minimum of 50 people to register to do this class. If minimum number is not met, class may be canceled.